Sound of Many Rivers

Year: 2022
Artist: Ivan David Ng
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 235 x 95
Location: Tampines Plaza 1, Level 1 Lobby
Commissioned by Singapore Land Group

Various shades of cool tones and a flurry of abstract visual languages reference the energetic churching of waters in river rapids, and the curved crescent-shaped brushstrokes allude to the lower stream meander of rivers. The artwork portrays the determination and power of a river, shaping the landscape it passes through. The long panoramic format brings to mind a Chinese landscape scroll painting, which engulfs the viewer in the image.

“Sound of Many Rivers” is in Ng’s signature style, composed of a host of materials, ranging from digital prints to monotypes, dyed fabric and different types of kozo paper. The backstory of each material, their histories and sources, are evident yet veiled. As they come together, these materials shed their old stories. They pile on top of one another, burying each other but simultaneously forming new visual languages and new meaning.

The piece is part of the artist’s ongoing exploration of interactions of materiality, image and paint. More prominently, various translucencies incorporated in the paintings highlight the dense material layers and create visual depth. Additionally, transcending the traditional glue-based methods of joining material, Ng transitioned to doing so with stitching, which enabled more instant and reflexive collage making. Embroidery has also been incorporated as a means of expressive mark making.

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