Board of directors

Mr Liam Wee Sin
Non-Executive and Non-Independent

Mr Liam Wee Sin first appointed on 10 June 2019, was last re-elected as Director on 28 April 2023.

Mr Liam was appointed Group Chief Executive of UOL in 2019. He serves on UOL’s Board of Directors, including several of its subsidiaries. In his over 30 years of service with the Group, Mr Liam has led and strengthened the Group’s position as a leading diversified property and hospitality company with a global footprint.

Since April 2021, Mr Liam has served as co-chair of the Urban Systems Cluster Sub-Committee under the Future Economy Council, which drives the growth and transformation of Singapore’s economy. He also co-chairs the Buildability & Quality Advisory Committee.

In August 2023, Mr Liam was appointed as a member of the Department of Architecture Industry Advisory Board under the National University of Singapore. He was also a member of the URA Architecture and Urban Design Excellence Committee, URA Design Advisory Committee and the Preservation of Monuments Board. Additionally, Mr Liam was the first vice-president of the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (“REDAS”).

Mr Liam is a strong supporter of underprivileged groups and believes in giving back to the communities. He also spearheads inclusive hiring practices and champions inclusive arts and sports for people with diverse abilities.

SingLand Board Committee(s)

  • Remuneration Committee (Member)
  • Nominating Committee (Member)

Present Directorship(s) and Other Principal Commitment(s)

  • UOL Group Limited * (Director and Group Chief Executive)
  • Director of various UOL subsidiaries

* Listed company

Past Directorship(s) in Listed Companies and Principal Commitments held over the preceding five years

  • Nil

Academic and Professional Qualification(s), Achievement(s) and Award(s)

  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Singapore
  • REDAS Luminary Service Award (2021)

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