Stamford Court recognised at ASEAN Energy Awards 2021

Updates | 23 September 2021

Stamford Court was the second runner-up in the Energy Efficient Building (Retrofitted Building) category at the ASEAN Energy Awards 2021.

The ASEAN Energy Awards is organised by the ASEAN Centre for Energy and celebrates building projects in the ASEAN region that have taken significant steps towards greater energy efficiency, conservation and management, as well as the adoption of renewable energy. Since 2010, Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has been shortlisting Green Mark certified buildings to represent Singapore in the awards.

The 25-year-old Stamford Court is a BCA-certified Green Mark Platinum building and had undergone a series of energy conservation initiatives over the course of 10 months from May 2019 to February 2020. The result: an overall energy saving of 44 per cent.

Energy-Saving Initiatives at Stamford Court

One of the most significant overhauls to Stamford Court’s infrastructure included reconfiguring its air-conditioning system from an air-cooled chiller system to a more energy-efficient water-cooled chiller system. This contributed to 72 per cent energy savings over the air-conditioning system’s baseline energy consumption.

The lighting in the common areas, including corridors, lift lobbies and the carpark, were also replaced with energy efficient LED lights. The journey towards a greener future is a collective one, and we encouraged our tenants to participate in the building’s energy conservation scheme with some of them also making the switch to LED lights.

In another move to optimise energy usage, carbon monoxide sensors were installed in the basement carpark. With the sensors, the mechanical ventilation is turned up only when the carbon monoxide level or temperature reading passes the set thresholds. This allows us to reduce the energy consumption without compromising the indoor air quality.

Beyond Energy Efficiencies

Apart from energy conservation and management, Stamford Court’s approach to sustainability is a holistic one. Its other green efforts include reducing the building’s water footprint through water-efficient fittings, having a well-managed recyclable waste programme, and implementing a green procurement policy.

Admittedly, getting an older building like Stamford Court up to speed with energy efficiencies and sustainability targets is no easy task. Nonetheless, we are committed to creating sustainable buildings across our portfolio—a core focus that also aligns to the Singapore Green Plan 2030 target to green 80 per cent of buildings by gross floor area by 2030. As Stamford Court has proven, the results are worth the effort.


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