Marking A New Chapter With A Fresh Vision

Features | 01 September 2021

Change is in the air. Here at Singapore Land, it came most significantly in the form of our renaming from United Industrial Corporation Limited (UIC) to Singapore Land Group Limited (SingLand) in April 2021.

Adopting the “Singapore Land” name was a natural decision as we renewed our commitment to real estate development at the highest levels. After all, Singapore Land Limited (later renamed SingLand Properties Limited) had long been associated with a strong legacy, including that of being Singapore’s first public-listed real estate company before it was eventually acquired by UIC in 1990.

The name-change sits at the heart of a brand refresh aimed at strengthening the company’s position in the market. It provided an opportunity to reflect on everything that we have stood for thus far, and everything that we aspire to become as we move forward. All this is encapsulated in a newly articulated vision: Elevate Communities, Inspire the Future

As the world we live in shifts and grapples with issues ranging from climate change, health crises, social disparities and more, we believe that we can be part of the solution. Core to our ambition is a strong focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as we create places that empower people, businesses and communities to thrive.

“The brand refresh marks our renewed commitment to make a profound impact on people and the planet, not just in the present but for years to come,” says Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Eu.

“We recognise that as a leading developer in Singapore, it is not enough to make decisions based solely on the bottom line. We want to create positive social, environmental and economic change that is sustainable in the long run.”

We want to create positive social, environmental and economic change that is sustainable in the long run.

– Jonathan Eu, Chief Executive Officer


Accompanying the brand refresh is a new visual identity. An amalgamation of the Chinese characters for people (“人”) and community (“众”),  the new logo contains graphical forms that are representative of the built environment. Three robust elements set in an asymmetrical composition provide an equal emphasis on strength and energy. Gently curved edges make reference to Asian calligraphy and allude to the company’s roots. In a single gesture, the logo expresses the dynamism of people thriving in an inclusive and sustainable environment.


What are the tenets that have guided us up to this point, and what would stand us in good stead for the future? Such were the questions asked as we dug deep to articulate what we believe in as an organisation. What resulted is an alliance of four values that speaks directly to the whys and hows of all that we do.

  • People & Planet
  • We, Not I
  • Adapt To Thrive
  • Always Be Learning

Embedded in these values is a focus on stewardship over both the communities we serve and the environment we inhabit. As we forge ahead in this, we do so with partners and collaborators (both internal and external) who offer multiple perspectives—there are few things that better open the doors of possibility.

Recent world events have taught us that an innate agility and propensity for innovation as an organisation is not just beneficial, but imperative. This, coupled with a collective future-forward mindset that values the development of each employee, provides a sturdy bedrock for success.


In our evolution, we continue to build on the strength of years past. When UIC acquired Singapore Land Limited, it inherited a legacy of real estate development that is dynamic and progressive.

Singapore Land Limited was the first property company to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange; Clifford Centre was among the earliest efforts in urban renewal in Raffles Place undertaken by a private developer; Marina Square marked a new downtown area for Singapore in the Eighties; we were a major player in the new Tampines Finance Park in the Nineties. Today, properties like Singapore Land Tower, SGX Centre Two and The Gateway have become anchoring developments in Singapore’s prime districts. Further buttressing the business is a strong portfolio of hospitality and residential developments.

Mr Eu adds, “We are embarking on a journey to reposition ourselves as a dynamic real estate company. As we look to shape the future, we hope to do so with the same quality and progressiveness that has defined Singapore Land for more than 50 years.”


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