Board Diversity Policy


This Policy sets out SingLand’s approach towards diversity on the Board of Directors (“Board”) of SingLand.

Diversity Policy

The Board recognises that diversity enhances the decision-making process of the Board through collective wisdom arising from varied perspectives of Directors derived from their skills, knowledge, practical and professional experience, ethnicity, geographical background, nationality, gender and age. The Nominating Committee leads the Company’s board diversity agenda and sets measurable objectives with the aim of continuously improving diversity generally.

The Nominating Committee shall:

(i) review the Board’s composition and succession planning having regard to all aspects of diversity, including diversity of skills, knowledge, experience, gender, age, ethnicity and other relevant factors;

(ii) engage external search consultants when necessary for professional advice and/or to source for candidates in line with the Company’s diversity policy; and

(iii) make recommendations to the Board on all Board and Board Committee appointments and re-appointments based on merit having regard to the diversity and independence of the Board or Board Committee as a whole.

The Board is of the view that gender is an important aspect of diversity, and has appointed Mses Tan Khiaw Ngoh in 2020 and Ng Shin Ein in 2022 representing at least 20% of current Board membership. In striving to maintain or increase this percentage of female board representation, the Nominating Committee will ensure that:

(1) if external search consultants are used to search for candidates for Board appointments, the brief will include a requirement to present female candidates;

(2) when seeking to identify a new Director for appointment to the Board, the Nominating Committee will request female candidates to be fielded for consideration; and

(3) there is significant and appropriate female representation on the Board.

Monitoring and Reporting

The Nominating Committee will monitor the implementation of this Policy and report annually, in the Corporate Governance Report, on the Board’s composition in terms of diversity.


The Nominating Committee will review this Policy from time to time, as appropriate, for an assessment of its effectiveness and will discuss any revisions that may be required. The Nominating Committee will recommend changes, where appropriate, to the Board.

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